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Privacy Policy

This website is offered by OneMed Sverige AB [SE], presented in Denmark by:
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At OneMed Sverige AB, 556764-4140, (“OneMed”) we take pride in handling personal data in a safe way and want our customers to feel safe in the way their personal data is being processed.

Following is our Privacy Policy with information regarding what personal data is being processed, how its’ being processed, for how long the data will be stored and your rights as a care recipient, customer or in any way a user of OneMed’s systems.

If you have any questions regarding how personal data is being processed by OneMed, you are welcome to contact


What personal data is being processed?

When using OneMed’s software (, the Care Recipient Portal and Guide) personal data such as the name of the user, e-mail address and which health care unit the user is associated with, is being registered and processed. Beyond that the following personal data is being processed when an order is connected to a care recipient; name, address, personal number, care area, prescribed products as well as related treatment measures. 

When OneMed is processing personal data on account of a health care unit, the unit is the personal data controller and OneMed the personal data processor. When a care recipient has registered a power of attorney, OneMed is the personal data controller and processes personal data such as name and personal number belonging to the power of attorney, in question. 


What is the personal data being processed for?

OneMed delivers medical supplies and as a part of the order process the customers will register the care recipients’ personal data in our system. The personal data is processed by us for the purpose of fulfilling the services that are contracted between the customer and OneMed. OneMed also processes personal data for the purpose of identifying the user at login as well as ensure the users authority in the various functions of the software. 


How long is the personal data stored?

The customers personal data is stored as long as there’s a valid agreement between the customer and OneMed or for when there’s another reason for storing the data, e.g. the Bookkeeping Law. When the customers data should no longer be stored by OneMed, the data is anonymized or deleted. 
OneMed is also able to anonymize or delete the personal data upon special request by the customer. 


Security measures

OneMed always strives to keep a high security level in regards to the high risk that is connected to the processing of personal data and the degree of sensitivity, to which the data being processed holds. OneMed is continuously working with integrity and IT-security to prevent unauthorized access to make sure personal data is handled in a safe manner in accordance to our guidelines. 

OneMed ensures that the authorized persons processing the personal data are working under confidentiality or are subject to an appropriate statutory duty of confidentiality. 


Your rights

As a customer you have a right to rectify or update data that is missing and are relevant, as well as data that is incorrect. If you’d like a register extract, rectify your data or exercise your right to be forgotten, please contact customer services. These rights are also applicable to persons with their personal data registered at OneMed in connection to power of attorney. In these cases the proxy themselves need to exercise their rights directly to OneMed. 



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